• Keto Cowboy Breakfast Skillet
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    Keto Cowboy Breakfast Skillet Recipe

    Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. And I love to have it for dinner. This Keto Cowboy Breakfast skillet hits the spot when those breakfast food cravings hit when on the keto diet. A Cast Iron Skillet is best to use with this, but if you don’t have one then a non-stick skillet will do. I like to cook my bacon in the same pan I’m cooking the keto breakfast skillet in. After cooking just discard, or save the bacon grease, and then start cooking the rest. Keto Cowboy Breakfast Skillet Ingredients: 2 Tbsp Unsalted Butter8 oz radishes, cut into quarters1/4 cup red onion, diced2 tsp Italian seasoning1 tsp…

  • Keto Loaded Baked Avocado
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    Keto Loaded Baked Avocado

    This yummy keto breakfast dish doesn’t have to be just for breakfast. I love to eat this keto loaded baked avocado recipe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is best to try to use large avocados and medium sized eggs when making this low carb dish. If you do use larger eggs it is usually best to try to separate the yolk and the white then add the egg white as needed after you have placed the yolk in the avocado. Otherwise you may end up with an overflow from the egg white. Also using pastured eggs improves the taste so much. Another tip for cooking your baked avocados, instead…

  • Keto Broccoli Slaw Recipe
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    Keto Broccoli Slaw Recipe

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy keto side dish that is yummy and satisfying then look no further than at this Keto Broccoli Slaw recipe. No matter if you’re looking for a quick and easy to make side dish that is low in carbs or something to take to your family cookout, this keto broccoli slaw hits the spot. This fast recipe only requires tossing the ingredients into a large bowl and giving it a quick stir. The only other thing you need besides the bowl is a cup or small bowl to mix the slaw sauce together and a pair of tongs to toss the broccoli slaw…

  • How MCT Oil Can Help You With The Keto Diet
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    How MCT Oil Can Help You With The Keto Diet

    MCT oil has been gaining popularity, being touted as a great supplement that can help with weight loss and boost overall health. It is especially popular among those on the keto diet. If you are new to the keto diet or even have been on the keto diet for some time, you might be wondering what is MCT oil? How can MCT oil help you when you are on the keto diet? Or you might even be wondering just how to use MCT oil. This article will answer all of those questions about MCT oil. What is MCT Oil? MCT stands for “medium chain triglyceride”. We won’t go into the…

  • Measuring Ketone Levels for Ketosis on the Keto Diet

    Measuring Ketone Levels for Ketosis on the Keto Diet

    If you are on the keto diet, you may be wondering if there is a way that you can test to see if you are in ketosis. Measuring ketone levels for ketosis is actually a common practice among keto dieters. Getting Into Ketosis Ketosis is a process that your body uses to produce ketones instead of glucose for fuel. Measuring ketone levels lets you know how many ketones your body is producing and that you are in fact in ketosis. To get your body into ketosis on the keto diet you need to use up your body’s glucose stores so it has to turn to burning fat in order to…

  • How to Use Exogenous Ketones To Help With Getting Into Ketosi

    How to Use Exogenous Ketones To Help With Getting Into Ketosis

    If you are on the keto diet or have been looking at starting the keto diet, you have probably come across the term exogenous ketones. But exactly what are exogenous ketones. And how do you use exogenous ketones? What is Ketosis? Before we go into what exogenous ketones are, first we must visit what exactly is ketosis. Ketosis is when your body doesn’t have enough glucose for fuel and will instead turn fats into ketones. Your body will then use the ketones that it makes as an alternative fuel source to glucose. The purpose of the keto diet is to get the body into a state of ketosis. The process…

  • Keto Diet vs Paleo Diet
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    Keto Diet vs Paleo Diet

    In today’s diet scene it’s hard to go very far down the What Diet To Do Rabbit Hole without hearing about the keto diet or the paleo diet. But what is the difference and which diet is better when it comes to keto versus paleo diets? What is the Keto Diet? The Keto diet is based off of limiting your intake of carbs to very low levels each day. Most people on the keto diet have a carb intake anywhere between 20g per day to 50g per day depending on activity level. The purpose of limiting the carbohydrates in your diet is so that your body switches from using stored…

  • The Best Quick and Easy Low Carb and Keto Snacks

    The Best Quick and Easy Low Carb and Keto Snacks

    Let’s face it, it’s easier to plan meals for the keto diet than snacks. Especially quick and easy keto or low carb snacks for when you are on the go. In this post we go over some keto and low carb snack options you can take with you and keep handy for when you need a snack. For those times that you do get hungry and need a snack it is best to have a easy snack that you can get quick. This way you won’t be tempted by any non keto foods that are so easily available everywhere you turn. When traveling or going on a trip it is…

  • How to get into Ketosis Faster
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    How To Get Into Ketosis Faster

    What is Ketosis? Ketosis occurs when you body does not have enough glucose to burn for fuel and instead transitions to turning fats into ketones(*). Your body can use these ketones as a fuel source in the absence of glucose. Getting the body into a state of ketoisis is the goal of the Keto Diet. This way your body will start using your own fat stores as fuel. How Long Does it Take to get into Ketosis? Ketosis is not a state that you body can reach in just a days timespan, especially if your body has been burning sugar for fuel for years. Being able to switch to a…

  • Fruits that are Keto Friendly

    What Fruits Can You Eat On Keto?

    If you have gone the low carbohydrate way of dieting don’t despair, there are still fruits you can eat on the keto diet. The keto diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Due to the low levels of carbohydrates in the diet the body is put into a metabolic state called ketosis. This allows your body to efficiently burn fat for energy. Many keto dieters choose to go with 20 grams of net carbs per day. But some do go as high as 50 grams of carbs per day and stay in ketosis. It is important to find out which level of carbohydrates per day work best for…