About Me

Hi I’m Jo. I began TheHeartyBody.com to help bring info about exercise and good food for those looking to improve those aspects of life.

I began my fascination with weight lifting when I was 16. I sucked as sports, was the last to be picked in gym class for team sports. One day our gym teacher took us to the weight room. Suddenly I was able to outperform everyone. I lifted more than the boys that whined if I had to be on they gym class basketball team. I was hooked immediately.

In 2001 at the age of 19 I went out and got my personal trainer certification from The International Sports Sciences Association.

I also love to bring real food to people. Encouraging others to throw out processed foods and begin on a journey bringing whole foods into the kitchen with yummy recipes for keto, paleo, and clean eating.

I myself have numerous food sensitivities and have to watch what I eat very carefully. So many of the recipes you will find here will be gluten and grain free.