About Me

Hi! My name is Jo. I’m a 30 something former IT Engineer turned blogger from Virginia. I began TheHeartyBody.com to help bring good food for those looking to improve their home-cooked meals.

Cooking at home should be simple and delicious.

I grew up on prepackaged junk, and not learning how to cook until I was out on my own resulted in some bad food choices for the first 20 years of my life and developed into severe issues with digesting food. As time went on I began suffering from many food sensitivities. Prepackaged, processed, and restaurant food is no longer an option for me. I took to the internet about 12 years ago and dove into everything I could find on how to cook food from scratch. Fast forward to now and I spend my time creating yummy treats in the kitchen. I also love to work in my home garden and crochet in my spare time.

I’ve made it my mission to help others enjoy food again and find a balance of healthy eating with real food while cooking at home no matter what diet they may follow.


For media inquiries, collaborations, and business arrangements, please email us at admin @ theheartybody.com