• Beginner Home Workouts - No Equipment Needed

    Beginner Home Workouts – No Equipment Needed

    At home workouts can help those new to working out get into the groove of getting in workouts regularly. And beginner home workouts can produce actual results and improvements within only a few weeks. Just because you are doing a beginner at home workout does not mean you are doing an easy workout. The great thing about at home workouts is that often you can use your body-weight as resistance, so you don’t have to pull out any bulky equipment. Or for that matter purchase any expensive home exercise equipment. If you are ready to get started loosing weight, gaining energy, and boosting your self esteem try any of the…

  • Is Beachbody On Demand Worth It
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    Is Beachbody On Demand Worth It?

    Are you looking for a way to get fit and loose weight but don’t want to spend a monthly fee to join a gym. Gym memberships can cost you anywhere form $10 to over $100 a month. The average being around $40 to $50 per month. That’s at least $120 a year, plus the time to get there and cost of transportation. Beachbody On Demand just might be what you are looking for if you don’t want to have to go the gym membership route for workouts. It’s like Netflix for at home workout programs. With tons of workout programs to keep you busy for a long time to come…