What is The Noom Diet Plan?

What is the Noom Diet Plan

Just What is the Noom Diet Plan?

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Noom is a wellness program and a way of Living and not just a weight loss program. It is designed for you to live a healthier life. Noom encourages you to create better and healthier habits.

This is not just a diet it is a way of healthy living. Noom helps you break the yo-yo diet cycle. Yo-Yo dieting increases your diabetes risk and amount of belly fat. Over 70% of dieters experience the yo-yo diet cycle, Noom gets you out of this unhealthy cycle.

Other weight loss programs usually focus on the single physical aspect of losing weight and that is all. Noom focuses not only on loosing weight but also on the mental aspect of living a healthy life.

Loosing weight is more than just what you eat and moving more. You need to have focus on your entire lifestyle and mental well being. Noom’s goal is to help you have the tools and knowledge to lose the weight and keep the weight off for good.

What Makes Noom Unique?

Many people on weight loss programs face trouble when it comes to thoughts and emotions that are tied to the unhealthy life style. Food for most is more than just sustenance, it is fun, it is family, it is comfort, it is relaxation, and much more.

Noom is unique in that the goal is to help you overcome the emotions and thoughts that create barriers to your weight loss. The program helps you become more aware of poor habits you have been doing and helps you create better habits.

How you can get started with Noom:

  • Complete a short survey so Noom can personalize your plan
  • Enter your email and hit continue
  • Complete a second survey to further personalize your plan and compare your needs to what other Noom users found successful.
  • Create an account and get started

Two Noom Program Types

When asking what is the Noom Diet Plan, it’s important to know that Noom has two different types of lifestyle plans.

Noom offers two programs weight loss and a healthy lifestyle: The Healthy Weight Program and the Diabetes Management Program. You can find out which program is best for you here.

The Healthy Weight Program includes a calorie budget that you need to make sure you don’t go over. Foods are color coded based on calories to help you in your selection each day.

The Diabetes Management Program has less of an emphasis on calories and more on carbohydrate intake.

You Get Personalized Feedback

With the Noom program you get personalized feedback throughout each day. As you go through your day logging your food, Noom will make suggestions to help improve your selections as you continue on your healthy lifestyle journey.

In addition to personalized feedback on foods you also get a personalized plan that is designed to work at the pace you need.

Noom Helps You Live Your Life Healthy

Noom is a program that is about making long term choices and changes to your life to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

With the color coding for food it doesn’t mean you can’t eat foods that are red. Noom just helps you be more mindful of those foods when you are consuming them. Noom helps you develop better eating habits so you can continue being mindful of your diet even without the help of Noom in the future.

How Does Noom Compare to Other Programs

Most weight loss programs don’t tackle what triggers and obstacles get in the way of your weight loss. Noom helps tackle the emotional and mental barriers you face with food and unhealthy lifestyle. By doing this Noom helps you overcome weight loss adversaries that have been in your life and gets you to your weight loss goals.

Is Noom Worth It?

Noom is a fraction of the cost of going to a nutritionist or even paying a personal trainer. With Noom you get unlimited access to a coach who is a behavior change professional, personal trainer and nutrition expert.

Noom also is able to be with you on your fitbit and other fitness devices. By doing this you can sync your steps, blood pressure, blood glucose and weight easily with the Noom program.

University of Sydney’s Medical Center ranked Noom as number 1 in weight loss programs, out of 800 programs.

Researchers found considerable inaccuracy and poor scientific basis in many apps, but found Noom Weight Loss Coach (Noom Inc) the most likely to change behaviour and assist weight loss.

University of Sydney

Noom Has a 7 Day Trial

Noom gives you a 7 day trial. You can cancel by just letting your coach know you don’t with to proceed with the program.

Using the 7 day trial you can find out for yourself what the Noom Diet Plan is with no risk.

When you sign up for your trial, you go through a series of questions so Noom can personalize your plan. This way you can be sure it will fit your needs and lifestyle.

Noom will compare your answers to the survey to demographics, other’s habits and behaviors and your current activity and nutrition habits.

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