• How to get into Ketosis Faster
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    How To Get Into Ketosis Faster

    What is Ketosis? Ketosis occurs when you body does not have enough glucose to burn for fuel and instead transitions to turning fats into ketones(*). Your body can use these ketones as a fuel source in the absence of glucose. Getting the body into a state of ketoisis is the goal of the Keto Diet. This way your body will start using your own fat stores as fuel. How Long Does it Take to get into Ketosis? Ketosis is not a state that you body can reach in just a days timespan, especially if your body has been burning sugar for fuel for years. Being able to switch to a…

  • Fruits that are Keto Friendly

    What Fruits Can You Eat On Keto?

    If you have gone the low carbohydrate way of dieting don’t despair, there are still fruits you can eat on the keto diet. The keto diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Due to the low levels of carbohydrates in the diet the body is put into a metabolic state called ketosis. This allows your body to efficiently burn fat for energy. Many keto dieters choose to go with 20 grams of net carbs per day. But some do go as high as 50 grams of carbs per day and stay in ketosis. It is important to find out which level of carbohydrates per day work best for…

  • Keto Foods High In Magnesium

    Keto Foods High in Magnesium

    When you are on a keto diet or a low carb diet, your electrolytes are important. Magnesium, potassium, and sodium are the three major electrolytes you need to pay attention to when you are doing a keto diet. Today we find out which keto foods are high in magnesium. Why You Should Eat Foods High In Magnesium on a Keto Diet. We covered previously why you should eat foods high in potassium on the keto diet. Magnesium on the keto diet is also just as important. What is Magnesium? Magnesium is one of the major electrolytes that your body needs to function properly. Just like with potassium, if you do…

  • Keto Foods High in Potassium

    Keto Foods High in Potassium

    Many keto gurus say over and over how you need to pay attention to your electrolytes when you are on the keto diet. One of these electrolytes they are talking about is potassium. In this post we find out which keto foods are high in potassium. Why should you worry about finding keto foods that are high in potassium? Potassium is an electrolyte that your body requires and cannot make on it’s own. This means that you must find sources of potassium since your body cannot make this essential mineral. Potassium is needed by your body for everyday functions such as balancing your body fluids and maintaining proper muscle function.…

  • Is Beachbody On Demand Worth It
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    Is Beachbody On Demand Worth It?

    Are you looking for a way to get fit and loose weight but don’t want to spend a monthly fee to join a gym. Gym memberships can cost you anywhere form $10 to over $100 a month. The average being around $40 to $50 per month. That’s at least $120 a year, plus the time to get there and cost of transportation. Beachbody On Demand just might be what you are looking for if you don’t want to have to go the gym membership route for workouts. It’s like Netflix for at home workout programs. With tons of workout programs to keep you busy for a long time to come…

  • What is the 3 Week Diet Plan?
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    What is the 3 Week Diet Plan

    The 3 Week Diet plan was developed by Brian Flatt. Brian is a health and nutrition coach and a personal trainer. He started his career in fitness and nutrition and became well known in Southern California. Once demand for his services sky rocketed he opened his own training facility, R.E.V. Fitness, which he is still running today. Being a trainer and gym owner Brian saw first hand how people struggled so hard to lose unwanted body fat and keep it off. As a result he developed The 3 Week Diet Plan to help his clients achieve the weight loss results they were after. I’m a firm believer that with something…

  • What is the Noom Diet Plan
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    What is The Noom Diet Plan?

    Just What is the Noom Diet Plan? Noom is a wellness program and a way of Living and not just a weight loss program. It is designed for you to live a healthier life. Noom encourages you to create better and healthier habits. This is not just a diet it is a way of healthy living. Noom helps you break the yo-yo diet cycle. Yo-Yo dieting increases your diabetes risk and amount of belly fat. Over 70% of dieters experience the yo-yo diet cycle, Noom gets you out of this unhealthy cycle. Other weight loss programs usually focus on the single physical aspect of losing weight and that is all.…

  • Does the Red Tea Detox Program Work
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    Does the Red Tea Detox Program Work?

    The Red Tea Detox Program is not just red tea despite the name of this weight loss program. There are other ingredients in this weight loss program. So the question stands does the red tea detox program work? First lets explore what is red tea itself and it’s background. What is Red Tea? Red tea come from rooibos. Rooibos means ‘red bush’ and is a plant that grows in South Africa. Roobios is high in antioxidants. Specifically aspalathin and nothofagin are two of the many antioxidants in roobios. These antioxidants help regulate blood sugar, reduce the body’s fat production, lower stress and inhibit metobolic disorders. The leaves of rooibos are…